Manscaping - Trim and Shave those hard to reach areas - (Greensboro)

Posted on: 12/13/17


Seeking new clients for the winter season Are you ready to say goodbye to your unwanted hair down there? Skilled and friendly body groomer at your service to artfully trim or re-shape any hard to reach body hair leaving you feeling clean and smooth. I offer the Full Body, Back, Shoulder, Chest, Arms, Legs, Trim, Shave, all the services needed to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin. Whether you're a boxer, brief or tighty whities kind, after your trim and shave, you'll leave feeling great and ready to take on the world!, shower available. Women like 70?s-era nether hair on you as much as you like it on them. Millions of men hunch over in the shower, wielding razors, risking life and limb to try and achieve results that can easily be achieved with my help. Still want a little hair left? A porn star patch? We'll get you the look you want and can easily maintain. Whether you want a little off the top so you are trim or shaved silky smooth, I'm your girl. I always strive to provide excellent service and satisfaction! I shave everything from head to toe: Chests / Stomachs - 30 Backs / Shoulders - 50 Butts - your buttcrack too! - 30 Pelvic Area - 40 Legs - 30 Arms - 20 Ears / Nose - 10 WHOLE BODY - 100 Female Owned - This is not a solicitation for other services. Come on guys. There are other places to look for that. ;)

Ad Number: 21091625